jade rubick

Learn to build humane, effective engineering organizations

I offer a couple of courses on leadership:

Frontline management bootcamp

This is a paid course. Designed for engineering managers who are just getting started or have some experience. Click above to sign up or see the FAQ below.

Engineering leadership

This is offered as a paid or free course. It is a class that covers a wide range of topics for engineering, product, and design leaders. Click above to sign up or see the FAQ below.

About the courses

What is the format for these classes?
They are email-based newsletter courses.
How much time do these courses require?
For all of the courses, the amount of time you devote to them depends on you.

For the Engineering Leadership course, most of the content is ideas and inspiration for your practice.

The Management Bootcamp course has some assignments. But all assignments are optional, and it's up to you to decide which you want to integrate into your management practice. For example, there is an assignment to set up your support network, with some suggestions for how to do so. You don't have to do any of them, but you'll probably find it helpful.
Are there assessments or quizzes with these courses?
No. The courses do not have an assessment.
Is there any interaction with other students?
The Management Bootcamp course has a private Slack group you can opt to participate in. It's like a support group for managers! You can ask questions there and get answers from your peers and from Jade.
How is the paid version of the Engineering Leadership course different than the free version?
The paid version includes a 1-1 session with me, and also supports my writing. If you're able to do the paid version, please do. These courses are something I do because I want people to pass on the things I've learned. I can make much better money doing other work. So this helps make it financially viable.
I can't afford your classes, but really want to take them
Contact me! I'll set you up.
How much email will I be receiving, and for how long?
The Engineering Leadership course is a weekly email with about eleven months of content (as of March 2022). I'll probably add courses in the future as well, so it's possible you'll get more content, just less frequently, after you get through the main content.

The Management Bootcamp course has much more frequent emails at the beginning. Starting daily, then every other day, and slowly easing into a weekly cadence. The length of the course is still being determined, but I'm planning to make it about a ninety day course.
Can I sign up for both classes?
Yes, that should work just fine. The only downside is that you might receive two email on the same day. There are also a few lessons I've included in both courses, so you'll receive a couple of duplicates.
If I pay for the course and don't like it, can I get a refund?
Yes, I provide refunds with no questions asked, for two months after the course starts. Contact me.
Is it annoying to unsubscribe if I'm finished with it?
Every email has an unsubscribe link in it. It should be super easy.
How do I give you feedback on any of the course content?
You can reply to any email and I'll read it. I really appreciate feedback!
How relevant is this content for non-engineering managers and leaders?
The Management bootcamp course is very engineering focused. Ironically, the Engineering Leadership course is more mixed. Almost all the content is valuable to leaders from a design or product management background. Around half of the content could be valuable outside of a product development organization, for managers and leaders from many places. Just keep in mind you may need to adopt the content more to your local situation.