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    Read by leaders from Salesforce, Gitlab, Slack, Netlify, and many other companies.

    👋 Hi, I'm Jade Rubick.

    I advise 💻 startups and medium sized companies on how to organize people 🧑‍🦰 to build great things together 🚀.

    I'm a management and leadership geek 🤓, and love to share what I've learned. I see a lot of great management content on the internet 🌐, but much of what I've learned, I don't see anywhere else. So I write ✍️ it down to share.

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    The most common themes in my writing are principles and constraints that govern how we work together, humane/sustainable management, and incremental/feedback rich product development. But you'll see writing on many topics, including diversity/equity/inclusion, engineering standards, running projects, and communication.

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