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The dangers of unreliable platforms (on the SRE Path podcast)


Ash Patel interviewed me for the SRE Path podcast. He said the conversation got “spicier and spicier. At one point, I was hunting for my favorite sparkling passionfruit drink to cool thinks down.”

This was the spicy part:

“One of the challenges you’ll sometimes find in organizations is that platform engineering teams can be the source of a lot of work for the rest of the organization. Every time you deprecate an API or create a standard approach that requires migration, you are creating work for all your consumers. The purpose of a platform team is to drive efficiencies in the rest of engineering, not cause additional work!”

We also talked about:

  • Focusing platform organizations on their customers.
  • How I’ve gone about diagnosing team issues.

You can find the episode here.

Thank you

Ash Patel wrote up a great summary of the conversation. Really appreciated his invitation to be on the podcast!

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