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Where to host my virtual server next?

posted Feb 11, 2009, 12:10 PM by Jade Rubick

Need to run Debian, need 256MB memory, need lots of disk space 7GB +

$28 / mo, 256 MB memory, 20 GB disk, 1.0Mbit Un-Metered
Unmetered bandwidth
Daily Backups

Webmin VPS 200
$25-30 / mo, 256 mb memory, 10 GB disk, unmetered bandwidth
Daily backups
May I upgrade my OS? All of our VPS accounts use a shared kernel which will limit your choices when upgrading. You may be able to upgrade several user-land programs (Apache, Perl, PHP, gcc) but you will not be able to perform a complete OS upgrade.

Vinod's quest:

I decided on, although I think either Tektonic or Spry would have been great.