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We Hang Out with Dean and Kerry

posted Dec 19, 2008, 3:51 PM by Jade Rubick
See the link below.

Look right above the woman in the white t-shirt: Kate, Jade, and Pam, in clockwise order. John Kerry came by about 10 minutes later. We all got to shake both of their hands. We were in a remote section, way behind where the speeches were made, but Pam got the rest of us to chant HOW ARD HOW ARD, until he came up. Then she started in on KER RY KER RY, and eventually he came up too. I don't think his security team was very pleased. It was like a rock concert, but it was also pretty amazing, because all of Pioneer Square was a sea of people -- so it was pretty neat to have them come right by where we were.

Howard Dean greets well wishers during presidential candidate John Kerryメs campaign stop in Portland. Dean, the Vermont governor, once was running against Kerry but now has thrown his support behind the Massachusetts senator.