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Punks in Montreal Riot after Concert is Cancelled

posted Dec 19, 2008, 3:29 PM by Jade Rubick
A cancelled concert caused a riot in Montreal this evening, only blocks from our hotel. Apparently, these punk fans were upset because some of the band members were not allowed into the country by Canadian customs.

We're okay, but we talked with some people who saw it, and we saw it on Montreal TV news. The news was in French, so we couldn't make out much, but cars were overturned and on fire, and the windows of shops in the area were broken. We initially thought it was a bomb, but it wasn't! Apparently 19 cars were demolished!

I'm glad to hear that nobody was hurt. Several of the rioters were arrested.

Cars overturned, burned after punk concert cancelled in Montreal (has excellent picture and most detailed description)

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video of rioting

Montrealers riot after punk concert cancelled.

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If the Canadians won't let you into their country, you must really be awful!