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Pristine tree errors

posted Dec 23, 2008, 10:04 PM by Jade Rubick
I just changed IP addresses/host names, and I think that's leading to signature problems on my archive?

usb-staging@usbakery:~/usb-staging$ tla changes --diffs

* looking for to compare with
corrupt pristine (failed inode signature validation)
revision: openacs--usb-staging--1.0--patch-12
directory /home/usb-staging/usb-staging/{arch}/++pristine-trees/unlocked/openacs/openacs--usb-staging/openacs--usb-staging--1.0/
You should remove this pristine from your tree.

The solution, according to johill on #arch, is to delete the {arch}/++pristine-trees directory, and then 'configure a revision library'.

I'm figuring out how to do the latter right now.