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Mailman on Aolserver

posted Dec 30, 2008, 1:05 PM by Jade Rubick   [ updated Dec 30, 2008, 1:06 PM ]

It looks like it's quite possible to run Mailman on Aolserver. I've gotten it to mostly work. The main problem I seem to be having is that I can't get the cgi mapping to work. Here's what I have:
ns_section "ns/server/${server}/module/nscgi"
ns_param map "GET /mailman/ ${mailmanprefix}/cgi-bin"
ns_param map "POST /mailman/ ${mailmanprefix}/cgi-bin"

If I put a symlink from www/mailman to the /usr/local/mailman directory, it mostly works (but only mostly). But it really should work with the mapping, so I've removed the symlink, and I've tried fiddling with it in lots of ways. I'm back to the original configuration (I verified that), and am wondering if there is some trick to it.

Vinod says you have to list every directory, and I've tried that as well, although I really hope that is not the case.

Anyone have any suggestions? 


For sql-ledger, I have nscgi configured like this: 

ns_section "ns/server/${server}/module/nscgi"
ns_param map "GET /sql-ledger/*.pl ${serverroot}/www/sql-ledger"
ns_param map "POST /sql-ledger/*.pl ${serverroot}/www/sql-ledger"
ns_param Interps CGIinterps

ns_section "ns/interps/CGIinterps" ns_param .pl "/usr/bin/perl"

and permissions are set, for example as:

-rwxr-xr-x 1 service1 web 3751 Oct 7 15:17

by Torben Brosten on 01/23/05