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Firefox doesn't start up?

posted Feb 10, 2009, 3:01 PM by Jade Rubick

On Firefox, if your system crashes (or runs out of batteries and goes dead when you though you had it plugged in), it will not start back up properly.

When you start back up the system, it will bring up a "Choose User Profile" box, but won't start up with the default profile.

The fix is quite easy. Look in .mozilla/firefox/tt2k25do.default/ or something like that. Remove the lock file.

12:26 PM, 10 Mar 2005 by Jade Rubick

from one cube to another !

Hiya jade, My names Tom Rubick i live in Portsmouth, Hampshire which is in South England thought it might be fun to join your site as a point of contact for for someone of the same surname. I come from a family of seven although as far as i know there are very few other Rubicks in Britain and i mean very few! How long has your family been in the states? Its quite likely we are related somewhere along the line ! TOM

by Tom Rubick on 04/08/05